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Academic Programmes

Undergraduate Programme:

The Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Trivandrum offers three under graduate programmes leading to 4-year B.Tech. degree in (a) Avionics, (b) Aerospace Engineering, and (c) Physical Sciences. The syllabus for each course consists of basic sciences, mathematics, humanities, basic engineering, core engineering subjects, stream electives, and institute electives. The curricula for the above programme are being totally restructured suiting the requirement of Indian Space Programme while keeping the general requirement of science and engineering in tact with more focus on space science and technology. In addition, the curricula followed in IITs and other similar institutions in India and abroad have been widely utilized in framing the syllabus. The innovative feature in all three streams is that the students will have an opportunity to learn in depth in specific areas needed for ISRO programmes. For example Avionics students can opt for electives in the areas of (a) Control System, (b) Computer, (c) Digital Electronics, and (d) Communications so that they can acquire in-depth knowledge in the specific relevant area. Similarly, Aerospace Engineering students can opt for specialization in (a) Manufacturing, (b) Aeronautics, (c) Structural Design and Analysis, and (d)Thermal and Propulsion areas. On the same line the Physical Science students can undertake focused study in (a) Earth and Space systems, (b) Astrophysics & Planetary Science, (c) Remote Sensing, and (d) Chemical System. The Institute has adopted credit system and the total number of grades for B.Tech. course is around 162 credits. This is in line with the latest recommendation of UGC and MHRD.

Post Graduate Programme

The Institute has taken effort to start M.Tech. programme in select areas relevant to ISRO programme. As of today it has framed the curriculum and syllabus for four such courses namely (a) Applied and Adaptive Optics, (b) Soft Computing and Machine learning, (c) RF and Micro Systems, and (d) Chemical System. To start with it is proposed to start M.Tech. programme with young scientists and engineers drawn from ISRO Centres / Units. The courses would be started from the academic year 2010-11.

Research Activities

IIST has been encouraging the education with high technology research needed for the space programme. Towards this an R&D Board has been set up with members drawn from prominent educational and research institutions and also major ISRO Centres. In addition a Research Committee has been set up within the Institute to oversee and monitor the progress of research in the Institute. Faculty members of the Institute are encouraged to develop and submit research proposals in their areas of expertise. As on date a number of research programmes have been initiated. In addition a Compendium of research capability of IIST has been prepared and efforts are on to identify possible areas of collaboration with ISRO centres and Units for research.