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Under Graduate ( 4 Years)

Undergraduate Programme:

The Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Trivandrum offers three under graduate programmes leading to 4-year B.Tech. degree in (a) Avionics, (b) Aerospace Engineering, and (c) Physical sciences. The syllabus for each course consists of basic sciences, mathematics, humanities, basic engineering, core engineering subjects, stream electives and institute electives. The curricula for the above programme are being totally restructured suiting the requirement of Indian Space Programme while keeping the general requirement of science and engineering in tact with more focus on space science and technology. In addition, the curricula followed in IITs and other similar institutions in India and abroad have been widely utilized in framing the syllabus. The innovative feature in all three streams is that the students will have an opportunity to learn in depth in specific areas needed for ISRO programmes. For example Avionics students can opt for electives in the areas of (a) Control system, (b) Computer, (c) Digital electronics, and (d) Communications so that they can acquire in-depth knowledge in the specific relevant area. Similarly, Aerospace Engineering students can opt for specialization in (a) Manufacturing, (b) Aeronautics, (c) structural design and analysis, and (d)Thermal and propulsion areas. On the same line the Physical Science students can undertake focused study in (a) Earth and Space systems, (b) Astrophysics & Planetary Science, (c) Remote Sensing, and (d) Chemical System. The Institute has adopted credit system and the total number of grades for B.Tech. course is around 162 credits. This is in line with the latest recommendation of UGC and MHRD.

Study of Minors:

The Institute has initiated a special learning process wherein students with excellent academic records can opt additional studies as Minors in select areas in engineering/science. A set of three subjects forms the Minors and can be pursued during 5th and 6th and 7th semesters and each of the subjects will have practical studies followed by technical seminar. The study of minors will provide additional knowledge and skill in certain specialized area to students. At present, the Institute offers Minor courses in the areas of soft computing, dynamic systems, robotics, astronomy, navigation, guidance and control, nano science and a few other specialized areas.

Laboratories and Practical Classes:

In addition to the regular practical classes for science and engineering students, IIST has introduced experiments with the support of ISRO centres and Units carved out of the real life experiments related to space programmes with strong linkages with curriculum. This would give good exposure to students to understand the practical and the engineering aspects of the studies well. To start with the four experiments have been designed in all disciplines and each batch of students will carry out two sets of experiments. It is proposed to increase the special practical classes in IIST laboratories in consultation with all ISRO establishments.


Students are encouraged to undertake internship during their winter and summer vacations and majority of the students have opted for this internship on voluntary basis. The internship is arranged at different ISRO Centres for a period of 4 weeks with clear definition of project in the area of their interest. At the end of the internship, students will prepare technical report of completion at the end of the internship. This has helped the students to get exposure to various technologies in the space related systems.

Student Projects:

A lot of encouragement is given to the students to start on a voluntary basis student projects in small groups and full support including technical guidance is given by the Institute in realizing these projects. As on today quite a good number of students projects are progressing in the area of Robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, advanced solar cell, autonomous fire fighter, etc. The Institute has also started a small Rocket and Micro Satellite Project. With the identification of various sub systems and a good number of students have been selected to work in these projects. Support from both Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, a lead Centre for Launch Vehicles and ISRO Satellite Centre, a lead Centre for Satellite, is being drawn. The students are encouraged to come up with their innovative design under guidance of ISRO experts.

The curriculum for the above streams has been carefully structured keeping the generic requirement of Science and Engineering intact with more focus to space science and technology to meet the high technology requirements of ISRO. In addition, the curriculum taught in IITs and other premier institutions in India and abroad in the areas of Electronics & Communication, Mechanical and Aerospace engineering and Physical Sciences have been widely utilized in framing the syllabus.


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