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  • 4:24 AM, Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AV462
Subject Title Embedded Systems and Real Time OS


Review of Embedded Hardware: Gates ‐ Timing Diagram‐ Memory –microprocessors. Interrupts Microprocessor Architecture‐Interrupt Basics‐Shared Data Problem‐Interrupt latency. Software Development: Round–Robin, Round robin with Interrupts, function‐Queue‐ SchedulingArchitecture, Algorithms. Introduction to ‐ Assembler‐ Compiler –Cross Compilers and Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Object Oriented Interfacing, Recursion, Debugging strategies, Simulators. Embedded Microcomputer Systems ‐ Motorola MC68H11: Motorola MC68H11 Family Architecture, Interfacing methods Microchip PIC Micro controller: Introduction, CPU Architecture‐ Registers‐ Instruction sets addressing modes‐ Loop timing‐ Timers‐ Interrupts, Interrupt timing, I/O Expansion, I2C Bus Operation Serial EEPROM, Analog to Digital converter, UART‐Baud Rate‐Data Handling‐Initialization, Special Features – Serial Programming‐Parallel Slave Port.

Real Time Operating Systems: Task and Task States, Tasks and data, Semaphores and shared Data Operating system Services‐Message queues‐Timer function‐Events‐Memory Management, Interrupt Routines in an RTOS environment, Basic design using RTOS.

Text Books

1. Wayne Wolf, Computers as Components ‐ Principles of Embedded Computer System Design, Morgan Kaufmann Publisher, 2006.

2. David E‐Simon, An Embedded Software Primer, Pearson Education, 2007.

3. K.V.K.K.Prasad, Embedded Real‐Time Systems: Concepts, Design & Programming, dreamtech press, 2005.

4. Tim Wilmshurst, An Introduction to the Design of Small Scale Embedded Systems, Pal grave Publisher, 2004.

5. Sriram V Iyer, Pankaj Gupta, Embedded Real Time Systems Programming, Tata Mc‐Graw Hill, 2004.

6. Tammy Noergaard, Embedded Systems Architecture, Elsevier,2006


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