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  • 4:57 AM, Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AV465
Subject Title Robust and Optimal Control


Signals and systems, Vector space, Norms, Matrix theory: Inversion formula, Schur’s complement, Singular Value Decomposition, Positive definiteness; Linear Matrix Inequality: Affine function, Convexity, Elimination lemma, S‐procedure; Calculus of variation, Euler’s Theorem, Lagrange multiplier. Linear fractional transformation (LFT), Different uncertainty structures: Additive, Multiplicative, Uncertainty in Coprime factors; Concept of loop shaping, Bode’s Gain and phase relationship, Small Gain theorem. LQR, LQG, Hamiltonian matrix, Riccati equation, H‐infinity control, H‐infinity Controller design via DGKF and LMI techniques, H‐infinity loop shaping technique, Structured singular value (mu) synthesis, Design examples.

Text Books

1. D.S.Naidu, Optimal Control Systems, CRC Press

2. Sinha, Linear Systems Optimal and Robust Control, CRC Press

3. D.E.Kirk, Optimal Control Theory An Introduction, PHI.

4. K.Morris, Introduction to Feedback Control, Academic Press.

5. Helton, Merino, Classical Control using H∞ Methods, 1/e, SIAM Publications

6. Ozbay, Introduction to Feedback Control Theory, CRC Press

7. Gu, Petkov, Konstantinov, Robust Control Design with MATLAB, Springer India

8. Qiu, Zhou, Introduction to Feedback Control, Prentice Hall, 2009.


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