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  • 11:35 PM, Friday, 10 Jul 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AV470
Subject Title Digital Image Processing


Digital Image Fundamentals: Elements of visual perception – Image sampling and quantization Basic relationship between pixels – Basic geometric transformations. Image fundamentals and image restoration: Spatial Domain methods‐Spatial filtering:‐ Frequency domain filters –Model of Image Degradation/restoration process – Noise models – Inverse filtering ‐Least mean square filtering – Constrained least mean square filtering – Blind image restoration – Pseudo inverse – Singular value decomposition.

Multi‐resolution Analysis and Compression: Multi Resolution Analysis: Image Pyramids – Multi resolution expansion – Wavelet Transforms. Image compression: Fundamentals Elements of Information Theory – Error free compression – Lossy Compression – Compression Standards. Wavelet coding – Basics of Image compression standards: JPEG, MPEG, Basics of Vector quantization.

Image Segmentation and Image Analysis: Edge detection – Thresholding ‐ Region Based segmentation – Boundary representation: boundary descriptors: Texture, Motion image analysis. Color Image Processing – Color Models‐Color Image enhancement‐Segmentation Object Recognition and Image Understanding: Patterns and pattern classes ‐ Decision‐Theoretic methods ‐ Structural methods‐3D Vision

Text Books

1. Rafael C Gonzalez, Richard E Woods 2nd Edition, Digital Image Processing ‐ Pearson Education 2009


1. William K Pratt, Digital Image Processing John Willey, 2001.

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