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  • 2:16 PM, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AE476
Subject Title Industrial Engineering


Introduction, production planning and control – product design – value analysis and value engineering – plant location and layout – equipment selection – maintenance planning – job, batch, and flow production methods – group technology – work study – time and motion study – work/job evaluation – inventory control – manufacturing planning – total quality management – Taguchi’s quality engineering – network models.

Text Books

1. Narasimhan, S. L., McLeavey D. W., and Billington, P. J., Production, Planning and Inventory Control, Prentice Hall (1977).

2. Riggs, J. L., Production Systems: Planning, Analysis and Control, 3rd ed., Wiley (1981).


1. Muhlemann, A., Oakland, J. O., and Lockyer, K., Productions and Operations Management, Macmillan (1992).

2. Taha, H. A., Operations Research: An Introduction, 9th ed., Pearson (2010).

3. Sharma, J. K., Operations Research, Macmillan (1997).