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  • 9:23 PM, Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AE486
Subject Title Refrigeration and Cryogenics


Refrigeration: introduction – analysis of VCR cycles – multistage, multi-evaporator, cascade systems – properties and selection of pure and mixed refrigerants – properties of binary mixtures – analysis of vapor absorption cycles – aqua ammonia and LiBr water cycles – air cycle refrigeration, vortex tube, thermoelectric refrigeration.

Cryogenic Engineering: historical background and applications – gas liquefaction systems – gas separation and gas purification systems – cryogenic refrigeration systems – storage and handling of cryogens – cryogenic insulations – liquefied natural – gas-properties of materials of low temperatures – material of construction and techniques of fabrication – instrumentation – ultra-low temperature techniques – application.

Text Books

1. Stoecker, W. F. and Jones, J. W., Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Tata McGraw-Hill (1986).

2. Barron, R. F., Cryogenic Systems, 2nd ed., Oxford Univ. Press (1985).


1. Gosney, W. B, Principles of Refrigeration, Cambridge Univ. Press (1982).

2. Weisend, J. G., The Handbook of Cryogenic Engineering, Taylor & Francis (1998).