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  • 8:05 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code MA869
Subject Title Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory


Basic counting principle: Pigeonhole principle, inclusion - exclusion principle, recurrence relations, generating functions. Fundamentals of logic, set theory, language, and finite state machines.
Undirected and direct graphs, modelling with graphs, trial and cycle- Eulerian trial and Hamilton cycle, connectivity and trees. Graph algorithms: BFS, DFS, shortest path, optimal spanning trees,
matching, job assignment problem, optimal transportation through flows in networks.

Text Books

1. Liu, C. L., Elements of Discrete Mathematics, 2nd Ed., Tata McGraw-Hill (2000).
2. Grivaldi, R. P. and Ramana, B. V., Discrete and Combinatorial mathematics, Pearson (2008).
3. Graham, R. L., Knuth, D. E., and Patashnik, O., Concrete Mathematics, 2nd Ed., Addison- Wesley (1994).
4. Rosen, K. H., Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, 6th Ed., Tata McGraw-Hill (2007).