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  • 8:23 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVD614
Subject Title Image and Video Processing


Human visual system and image perception; monochrome and colour vision models; image
digitization, display and storage; 2 ‐ D signals and systems; image transforms ‐ 2D DFT, DCT, KLT,
Harr transform and discrete wavelet transform; image enhancement: histogram processing, spatial ‐
filtering, frequency ‐ domain filtering; image restoration: linear degradation model, inverse filtering,
Wiener filtering; image compression: lossy and lossless compression, image compression standards,
image analysis: edge and line detection, segmentation, feature extraction, classification; image
texture analysis; morphological image processing: binary morphology ‐ erosion, dilation, opening
and closing operations, applications; basic gray ‐ scale morphology operations; colour image
processing: colour models and colour image processing Fundamentals of digital video processing ‐
Coverage includes spatio ‐ temporal sampling, motion analysis, parametric motion models, motion ‐
compensated filtering, and video processing operations.

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