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  • 1:34 PM, Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code ES477
Subject Title Image Interpretation and Digital Image Processing


 Principles of visual interpretation – Visual interpretation keys; Digital image data collection, data formats, storage considerations; Characteristics of remotely sensed data;
Image Pre-processing – Radiometric errors – sources and correction. Geometric error – sources and correction – Image registration;
Image enhancement – Spatial Domain – Frequency Domain;
Image Compression - Multispectral transformations - Principal component analysis – Band ratio – vegetation indices – tasseled cap transformations; Univariate and multivariate statistics
Classification – unsupervised classification- clustering – segmentation- supervised classification – maximum likelihood – minimum distance to mean- parallelepiped- accuracy assessment;
Advanced data processing – contextual classification –support vector classification – neural network – sub pixel analysis – Object oriented classification - hyperspectral image processing –multisensor fusion;

Text Books

 Richards J.A. and Jia.X, Remote sensing digital image analysis: an introduction, Birkhäuser, 2006


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2. Jensen J.R., Introductory digital image processing: a remote sensing perspective (3rd edition), Prentice Hall series in geographic information science, 2005
3. González R.C. and  Woods R.E., Digital image processing (3rd edition), Prentice Hall,2008
4. Schowengerdt R.A., Remote sensing: models and methods for image processing (3rd edition), Academic Press, 2007.