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  • 7:23 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVR862
Subject Title Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits


Fundamental Concepts: Elements of microwave/millimeter wave integrated circuits; Classification of transmission lines: Planar, quasiplanar and 3-D structures, their basic properties, field distribution and range of applications; Substrate materials and technology used for fabrication.

Analysis of Planar Transmission Lines: Variational approach for the determination of capacitance of planar structures; Transverse transmission line techniques for multi-dielectric planar structures; Rigorous analysis of dielectric integrated guides; Use of effective dielectric constant in the approximate analysis of dielectric guide.

Metamaterials: Theory of Composite Right/Left Handed (CRLH) transmission line metamaterials; Representation of CRLH metamaterial by an equivalent homogeneous CRLH TL; L-C network implementation
and its physical realization.

Discontinuities: Analysis of discontinuities in planar and non-planar transmission lines and their equivalent circuit representation.

Passive Circuits: Design and circuit realization of filters, couplers, phase shifters, and switches using planar and non-planar transmission lines.

Active Circuits: Design and circuit realization of amplifiers and oscillators using planar and non-planar transmission lines.

Text Books
  1. Leo  Young and H. Sobol, Ed. Advances in  Microwaves,  Vol.2, Academic Press Inc., 1974.
  2. B.Bhat and  S. Koul,  Stripline-like transmission lines for MICs, John Wiley, 1989.
  3. T.K.  Ishii,  Handbook  of  Microwave  Technology,  vol.   I, Academic Press, 1995.

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