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  • 6:38 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVR863
Subject Title RF Packaging and Electromagnetic Compatibility


EMC Requirements for Electronic Systems: Sources of EMI; Aspects of EMC; Radiated susceptibility; Conducted susceptibility; Electrostatic discharge; Design constraints for products; Advantages of EMC design; Transmission line per-unit-length parameters: Wiretype structures, PCB structures; High-speed digital interconnects and signal integrity.

Non-ideal Behavior of Components: Spurious effects of wires, PCB, component leads, resistors, capacitors, inductors, ferromagnetic materials, electromagnetic devices, MMIC components, digital circuit devices, and mechanical switches.

Conducted and Radiated Emissions: Measurement of conducted emissions; Power supply filters; Power supply and its placement; Conducted susceptibility; Simple emission models for wires and PCB leads; Simple radiated susceptibility models for wires and PCB leads.

Crosstalk: Three-conductor transmission lines, shielded wires, twisted wires, shielding.
System Design for EMC: Safety ground; PCB design; System configuration and design.

Text Books
  1. Paul, C.R., “Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility”, Wiley Interscience. 2006
  2. Kaiser, K.L., “Electromagnetic Compatibility Handbook”, CRC Press. 2004
  3. Kodali, V.P., “Engineering Electromagnetic Compatibility: Principles, Measurement and Technologies”, IEEE Press. 2001.

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