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  • 8:18 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVR866
Subject Title Satellite Communication


Basic Principles: General features, frequency allocation for satellite services, properties of satellite communication systems.
Satellite Orbits: Introduction, Kepler's laws, orbital dynamics, orbital characteristics, satellite spacing and orbital capacity, angle of elevation, eclipses, launching and positioning, satellite drift and station keeping.
Satellite Construction (Space Segment): Introduction; attitude and orbit control system; telemetry, tracking and command; power systems, communication subsystems, antenna subsystem, equipment reliability and space qualification.
Satellite Links: Introduction, general link design equation, system noise temperature, uplink design, downlink design, complete link design, effects of rain.
Earth Station: Introduction, earth station subsystem, different types of earth stations.
The Space Segment Access and Utilization: Introduction, space segment access methods, TDMA, FDMA, CDMA, SDMA, assignment methods.
The Role and Application of Satellite Communication.

Text Books
  1. Timothy Pratt, Charles W. Bostian, Satellite Communications, John Wiley & Sons.
  2. Dennis Roddy, Satellite Communications, 3rd Ed., Mc. Graw-Hill International Ed. 2001.
  3. W. L. Pritchard, J. A. Sciulli, Satellite Communication Systems Engineering, Prentice-Hall, Inc., NJ.
  4. M. O. Kolawole, Satellite Communication Engineering, Marcel Dekker, Inc. NY.

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