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  • 6:42 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVR867
Subject Title Optoelectronics and Fiber Optic Communication


Planar Optical Waveguides: Wave propagation in planar optical waveguides, ray theory, electromagnetic mode theory, phase and group velocity, dispersion.

Optical Fibre Waveguides: Wave propagation in cylindrical fibres, modes and mode coupling, step and graded index fibres, single-mode fibres.

Transmission Characteristics of Fibres: Attenuation, material absorption and scattering loss, bend loss, intra-modal and inter-modal dispersion in step and graded fibres, overall dispersion in single and multi-mode fibres.

Optical Fibre Connection: Optical fiber cables, stability of characteristics, fibre alignment; Fibre splices, connectors, couplers.

Optical Sources: Absorption and emission of radiation, population inversion and laser oscillation, p-n junction, recombination and diffusion, stimulated emission and lasing, hetero-junctions, single-frequency injection lasers and their characteristics, light emitting diode structures and their characteristics.

Optical Detectors: Optical detection principles, p-n, p-i-n, and avalanche photodiodes.

Optical Communication System: System description and design considerations of an optical fibre communication system, noise in detection process, power budgeting, rise time budgeting, maximum transmission distance.

Optical networks: WDM concepts and principles, basic networks, SONET/SDH, broadcast-and-select WDM networks, wavelength-routed networks, nonlinear effects on network performance, performance of WDM & EDFA systems; Solitons; Optical CDMA.

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