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  • 9:46 PM, Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code PH661
Subject Title Optical Thin Films Science and Technology


Propagation of electro-magnetic in stratified dielectric medium, Fresnel equations Optical properties of materials, metals, semiconductors and dielectrics, optical glass materials  in the visible and near infrared region, IR optical materials, Multilayer thin film optics, Antireflection coatings, Band pass optical filters, edge filters, dichroics, Design –Optimization techniques for thin film multilayer, Merit function as applied to thin film coatings. Brief review of  different  optimization techniques as applied to optical coatings. Case studies for design approaches for different categories of  optical coatings. Exposure to thin film software packages. Concept of linearly variably and circularly variable filters, Tunable optical filters. Reflective coatings, enhanced reflectors

Thin film technology: Vacuum  Science: Viscous, Lamellar and molecular fluid region, Medium, High and Ultra-high vacuum techniques. Mechanical and High vacuum pumps, ultra-high vacuum pumps. High vacuum measurement techniques, principle, calibration and electronics read out Deposition   and production of optical thin films: Thin film deposition techniques thermal/electron beam evaporation, RF/DC sputtering, Ion beam sputtering, pulsed laser beam deposition. In-situ thickness monitoring: Optical and quartz micro-balance techniques monitoring techniques. Architecture of modern day coating plants

Characterization of optical thin films: Principles of characterization of optical reflectance, transmittance, absorbance and angle resolved scattering. Principles of spectrophotometers and ellipsometers. FTIR spectrometers Characterization of non-optical properties of thin films: Mechanical adhesion, abrasion and  hardness. Surface characterization techniques for thin films: Surface morphology, X-ray structure, Chemical composition. SEM, TEM and AFM instruments for thin film characterization

Space qualification: Different environments encountered by Optical components  in ground during storage, instrument assembly and testing, launching and in deep space. Adverse environmental conditions in deep space. Radiation environment in space. Space Qualification of Optical coatings and materials. Effect of space environment on optical materials and thin films.

Text Books

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