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  • 8:38 PM, Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code PH668
Subject Title MEMS and MOEMS


Introduction : Fourier Optics, Holography,  Optical thin films and periodical structures Bragg gratings, photonic crystals,  Gaussian beam propagation, ultra fast lasers, Fundamentals of Nonlinear Optics, Quantum optics. 

MEMS: Introduction & applications, Substrates: Quartz, Ceramics, and Polymers.
Smart materilas and their properties. Thin films in the context of smart materials, nano, & micro- tecnologies. Lithography: Fundamentals. Materials such as photoresist used in lithography. Techniques such as using optical, electron beam,focused ion,x-ray beams. Etching and micro machining. Wet and dry etching, deep reactive ion etching. Packaging and bonding, micro-assembly. Reliability studies in packaging.

MEMS devices for applications such as in aerospace, biomedical and process

MOEMS : MOEM overview, MOEM scanners, MOEM technology and applications to telecom, CMOS compatible MOEMS, optics specific issues for MOEMS, micro-optics, automation and sensing, shape memory actuators, piezoelectric actuators, magnetic actuators, MOEMS related sensors, micro-optic components, testing and applications

Text Books

Same as Reference


1. Nodium Maluf, "An introduction to micromechanical systems engineering" Marc Madou, "Fundamentals of micro fabrication" CRC press (1997).
2. Ristic (Ed) "Sensor Technology & Devices",Artech House Publications (1994).