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  • 11:11 AM, Tuesday, 04 Aug 2020

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AE813
Subject Title Design and Modeling of Rocket Propulsion Systems


Elements of rocket propulsion – nozzle design, characteristic parameters, heterogeneous flow analysis – aerothermochemistry of combustion, dissociation, equilibrium composition, adiabatic temperature, and combustion product equilibrium flow nozzle expansion – elements of solid pro- pellant system – internal ballistics and design of solid propellant – grain design and optimization – elements of liquid propulsion system – design and selection of injectors, combustion cham- bers, nozzle, cooling system, feed systems and tanks – combustion instability, low and high frequency instability and scaling – overall and optimized rocket performance – ideal velocity gain, gravitational losses, optimal mass ratio for multistage rockets, trajectory analysis, vertical flight of staged rocket, thrust programming along the path.

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