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  • 9:15 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVD861
Subject Title Speech Signal Processing And Coding


Introduction: speech production and perception, information sources in speech, linguistic aspect of speech, acoustic and articulatory phonetics, nature of speech, models for speech analysis and perception; Short ‐ term processing: need, approach, time, frequency and time ‐ frequency analysis; Short ‐ term Fourier transform (STFT): overview of Fourier representation, non ‐ stationary signals, development of STFT, transform and filter ‐ bank views of STFT; Cesptrum analysis: Basis and development, delta, delta ‐ delta and mel ‐ cepstrum, homomorphic signal processing, real and complex cepstrum; Linear Prediction (LP) analysis: Basis and development, Levinson ‐ Durbin’s method, normalized error, LP spectrum, LP cepstrum, LP residual; Sinusoidal analysis: Basis and development, phase unwrapping, sinusoidal analysis and synthesis of speech; Speech coding: Need and parameters, classification, waveform coders, speech ‐ specific coders, GSM, CDMA and other mobile coders; Applications: Some applications like pitch extraction, spectral analysis and coding standard.

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