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  • 8:31 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVD862
Subject Title Information Theory and Coding


Information – Entropy, Information rate, classification of codes, Kraft McMillan inequality, Source coding theorem, Shannon ‐ Fano coding, Huffman coding, Extended Huffman coding ‐ Joint and conditional entropies, Mutual information ‐ Discrete memoryless channels – BSC, BEC – Channel capacity, Shannon limit. Error control coding –Block codes Definitions and Principles: Hamming weight, Hamming distance, Minimum distance decoding ‐ Single parity codes, Hamming codes, Repetition codes ‐ Linear block codes, Cyclic codes ‐ Syndrome calculation, Encoder and decoder – CRC Convolutional codes – code tree, trellis, state diagram ‐ Encoding – Decoding: Sequential search and Viterbi algorithm – Principle of Turbo coding, LDPC codes

Text Books

Same as Reference

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  3. Introduction to Error Control Codes, S Gravano, Oxford University Press 2007
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