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  • 9:09 PM, Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVD863
Subject Title Soft Computing and its Application in Signal Processing


Soft Computing: Introduction, requirement, different tools and techniques, usefulness and applications. Fuzzy sets and Fuzzy logic: Introduction, Fuzzy sets versus crisp sets, operations on fuzzy sets, Extension principle, Fuzzy relations and relation equations, Fuzzy numbers, Linguistic variables, Fuzzy logic, Linguistic hedges, Applications, fuzzy controllers, fuzzy pattern recognition, fuzzy image processing, fuzzy database. Artificial Neural Network: Introduction, basic models, Hebb's learning, Adaline, Perceptron, Multilayer feed forward network, Back propagation, Different issues regarding convergence of Multilayer Perceptron, Competitive learning, Self ‐ Organizing Feature Maps, Adaptive Resonance Theory, Associative Memories, Applications. Evolutionary and Stochastic techniques: Genetic Algorithm (GA), different operators of GA, analysis of selection operations, Hypothesis of building blocks, Schema theorem and convergence of Genetic Algorithm, Simulated annealing and Stochastic models, Boltzmann Machine, Applications. Rough Set: Introduction, Imprecise Categories Approximations and Rough Sets, Reduction of Knowledge, Decision Tables, and Applications. Hybrid Systems: Neural ‐ Network ‐ Based Fuzzy Systems, Fuzzy Logic ‐ Based Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithm for Neural Network Design and Learning, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithm for Optimization, Applications. Applications of soft computing to signal processing.

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