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  • 9:19 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AE816
Subject Title Navigation Guidance and Control


Principles of Inertial Navigation: Components, two-dimensional navigation – Coordinate sys-tems – 3D strapdown navigation system – Strapdown system mechanizations – Attitude repre-sentation – Navigation equations expressed in component form – Effects of elliptic earth – Iner-tial Sensors: Gyroscope principles, single-axis rate gyroscope, accelerometers, rate integratinggyroscope – Elements of guidance system – Guidance phases – Guidance trajectories – Guid-ance sensors – Classification of Guidance and Navigation Systems: Basic navigation systems,combined navigation systems – Classification of guidance systems – Three-point tactical guid-ance laws – Two-point Tactical Guidance Laws: Strategic guidance laws, UAVs guidance laws– Control systems-classical linear time invariant control systems – Transfer function representa-tions – Stability – Time domain characteristics – PID controller design for aerospace systems –Frequency domain characteristics – Root locus – Nyquist and Bode plots and their applicationto controller design for aerospace systems.

Text Books

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