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  • 11:07 PM, Monday, 10 Aug 2020

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AE827
Subject Title Optimal Control Theory


Problem formulation – Performance measures – Selection of performance measures – Dynam- ics programming – Optimal control law – Application to a routing problem – Recurrence relations – Computational procedures – Alternative approach through Hamiltonial-Jacobi-Bellman equa- tion – Review of Calculus of Variations: Functionals involving several independent functions – Constrained minimization of functional – Optimal control: Variational approach – Necessary con- dition for optimal control – Pontryagin’s minimum principle – Additional necessary conditions – Minimum time problems – Optimal control switches (bangbang control) – Numerical techniques for the solution of optimal control problem – Two point boundary value problem.

Text Books

Same as Reference


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