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  • 10:21 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code ESA665
Subject Title Formation of Stars and Planets


The interstellar medium and its phases - dust - mol ecular clouds - virial theorem analysis. Star clusters - OB associations - T and R associations - initial mass function. Heating and cooling of clouds - cloud thermal structure - build up of mole cules - molecular transitions of H2, CO. Cloud equilibrium and stability - Jeans mass - isothermal spheres - basic magnetohydrodynamics - magnetic support - ambipolar diffusion - inside-out collapse - rotational effects. Collapse of dense cores - accretion - Deuterium burning - proto stellar disks - fragmentation - formation of binaries and stellar groups - jets and molecular ou tflows – masers. Formation of massive stars - monolithic collapse - competitive accretion - stell ar mergers. Effects of massive stars - hot cores - ultracompact HII regions - photoevaporation - ind uced star formation. Quasi-static contraction - nuclear reactions and stellar birth line - T-Tauri stars - Herbig Ae/Be stars - debris disks - planet formation in disks.

Text Books

Same as Reference


1. The Formation of Stars by S. W. Stahler and F. P alla, 2004 – Wiley – VCH

2. The Origin of Stars and Planetary Systems, 1999, ed s. C.J. Lada and N.D. Kylafis

3. Protostars and Planets V, 2007, eds. B. Reipurth, D . Jewitt, and K Kell

4. Accretion Processes in Star Formation, 1998, L. Har tmann

5. Astrophysics of Planet Formation, 2010, P. Armitage