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  • 8:06 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVC861
Subject Title Introduction to Robotic Systems


Introduction: Components and mechanisms of a robotic system, Robot Manipulators, Mobile Robots , Applications, trajectory planning.

Kinematics: Rotation matrix, Euler angles, Quaternions, Homogeneous transformation, DH Convention, Typical examples, Joint space and Operational space, Inverse Kinematics problem,
Rodrigues parameters.

Differential Kinematics and Statics: Geometric Jacobian, Jacobian Computation, kinematic singularities, Analysis of redundancy, Analytical Jacobian, Inverse Kinematics algorithms, Satics, Kineto‐static duality, Velocity and force transformations.

Dynamics: Lagrange formulation, Computation of kinetic and potential energies, Dynamical model of simple manipulator structures, Direct dynamics and inverse dynamics, Operational space dynamic model.

Motion control: The control problem, Joint space control, Decentralized control, Computed torque feedforward control, Centralized control, PD Control with gravity compensation, Inverse dynamics control, Operational space control.

Force Control: Manipulator interaction with environment, Compliance control, Impedence control, Force control, Constrained motion, Hybrid force/motion control, estimation related to robotics.

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