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  • 6:33 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVC863
Subject Title Adaptive Control


Introduction: Parametric models of dynamical systems, Adaptive control problem Real time parameter estimation: Least squares and regression models, Estimating parameters in Dynamical Systems, Experimental conditions, Prior information, MLE, RLS,Instrument variable method.

Deterministic Self tuning regulators (STR): Pole placement design, Indirect self tuning regulators, Continuous time self tuners, Direct self tuning regulators, disturbances with known characteristics.

Stochastic and Predictive Self tuning regulators: Design of Minimum variance and Moving average controllers, Stochastic self tuning regulators, Unification of direct self tuning regulators. Linear quadratic STR, adaptive predictive control.

Model reference adaptive control (MRAS): The MIT Rule, Determination of adaptation gain, Lyapunov theory, Design of MRAS using Lyapunov theory, BIBO stability, Output feedback, Relations between MRAS and STR.

Properties of Adaptive systems: Nonlinear dynamics, Analysis of Indirect discrete timeself tuners, Stabilty of direct discrete time algorithms, Averaging, Application of averaging techniques, Averaging in stochastic systems, Robust adaptive controllers.

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