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  • 9:28 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code AVM614
Subject Title Digital VLSI Circuits


Overview of CMOS device fundamentals (DC Characteristics, AC Characteristics,
Processing overview).
CMOS inverters, Static and Dynamic characteristics,Dynamic behavior, transition
time, Propagation Delay, Power Consumption. MOS Circuit Layout & Simulation,
Stick diagrams, Layout design rules, MOS device layout, Transistor layout, Inverter
layout, CMOS-circuits layout Combinational logic, Static MOS, Complementary
MOS, Ratioed logic, Pass Transistor logic, Complex logic circuits, DSL, DCVSL,
Transmission gate logic. Dynamic MOS design, Dynamic logic families and their
performance. MOS Memory design, Design of ROM, SRAM and DRAM cells. and
sequential CMOS logic, Modelling of interconnect wires. Optimization of designs
with respect to cost, reliability, performance, and power dissipation. Sequential
circuits:-timing considerations, and clocking approaches. Design of large system
blocks, including arithmetic, interconnect, memories, and programmable logic arrays
Design Technology: Introduction to Hardware Description Language Layout
Generation and Verification: Behavioral, Structural, Physical level

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