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  • 10:23 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. II
Subject Code AVM642
Subject Title Microelectronics Lab


Module 1: Microelectronics Device and Process Simulation
This module focuses on the simulation of fabrication processes and the microelectronics devices such as short channel MOSFET, solar photo voltaic device etc.using TCAD tools. The process simulation enables one to experiment with the device fabrication flow. The device simulation involves simulating the electrical characteristics of a process simulated/fabricated device.
Module 2: Microfabrication and characterization
1. Familiarization of Microfabrication environment in clean room
2. Familiarization of different unit processes, Fabrication of MOS Capactior
3. Electrical characterization: High frequency capacitance-voltage measurement (HFCV) and High frequency capacitance-voltage measurement (LFCV), I-V and reliability measurements, parameter extraction of MOS devices

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