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  • 9:34 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVM861
Subject Title Physics of Micro and Nanoelectronic Devices


Second in a two part series, this nanoelectronics course provides an introduction to
more advanced topics, including the Non-Equilibrium Green’s Function (NEGF)
method widely used to analyse quantum transport in nanoscale devices. This topic
will explore a number of topics within nanoelectronics, taking a more in depth look at
quantum transport, gaining greater insight into the application of the Schrodinger
Equation, and learning the basics of spintronics which is now a days recent trends in
next generation nanoelectronic
The quantum of conductance, Potential profile, Coulomb blockade Electrical
Basic of Quantum Mechanics, The quantum of conductance, Potential profile,
Coulomb blockade Electrical resistance
Hamiltonian Operator, Born-Openheimer approximation, Hydrogen Atom, Method
of Finite Difference, Solution of Schrodinger Equation of 1D, 2D and 3D materials
(spherical Coordinate).
Introduction of Energy level Diagram, E-K diagram, Nanotransistor, Electron flow,
Quantum Conductance, Potential Profile, Molecular, Ballistic and Diffusive
Transport, Landauer Model for Transistor, Landauer-Buttiker Formalism, Coulomb
blockade, Hall effect, Scattering theory of Transport.
Modified Hamiltonian and Self-Consistent Field method, Relation to the
Multielectron picture, Bonding, Coherent and non-coherent Transport, NEGF
equation, Spin matrics, Spi-Orbit Introduction, Spin Density with Current and Torque.
Introdudction of nanotransistor with Virtual Source Model. Revisiting the Landauer
model . The Ballistic MOSFET, The Velocity at the Virtual source model. The Transmission Theory of the MOSFET and connection to the Virtual source model with
Case study of different nanostructure (Quantum wells, wires, dots, and nanotubes).
Computational approach to calculate band diagram and other electrical properties.

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