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  • 9:27 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code CHM873
Subject Title Specialty Polymers


Specialty synthesis-ring opening polymerization, metathesis polymerization, ATRP, RAFT; heteroatomic polymers; electrically active polymers-conducting polymers, piezoelectric, pyrroelectric and ferroelectric polymers, polymers for FET, electrical and electronic applications; photoactive polymers- photoresists, light emitting polymers, non-linear optical properties; ionic polymers- ionomers, polyelectrolytes; magnetically active polymers; Shape memory polymers; high performance polymers-polymer concrete, high modulus fibers, polymer explosives.


Detailed Syllabus

Polymer synthesis: General features of cyclopolymerisation, Ring-opening polymerization, Ziegler-Natta and metallocene catalysts. Metathesis polymerisation - mechanism of polymerization, Ring -Opening -Metathesis -Polymerisation (ROMP). Living polymerization by atom -transfer-radical-polymerization (ATRP), Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT), Speciality polymers like heteromatic polymers- poly ether ketones, polyphenylene oxide, polyphenylenesulphide, polysulphones, polysiloxanes, liquid crystalline polymers.

Electrically active polymers: Conjugated polymers, intrinsically conductive polymers, Polymers with piezoelectric, pyrroelectric and ferroelectric properties, polymers used as insulators, polymers used in telecommunications, power transmissions etc. Polymers used for field emission transistors (FET), antistatic coatings, conducting adhesives, artificial nerves etc Electronic applications- EMI shielding, Frequency selective surfaces, satellite communication links

Photoactive polymers: Photo conducting polymers, polymers used in optical applications, photo resists and semiconductor fabrication, Light emission in polymers, Semi conducting materials as light emitting materials, Polymeric materials for second order nonlinear optical properties, photorefractive polymers, Polymers with high two photon activities.

Ionic Polymers: Ionic polymers (ionomers)-ionomers based on polyethylene, PTFE, polystyrene; Elastomeric ionomers;  Polyelectrolytes - Characterization of polyelectrolytes, Application of polyelectrolyte complexes 

Magnetically active polymers: Origin of magnetism in polymers, Iron, nickel, cobalt, ruthenium, osmium containing magnetic polymers, magnetic polymers with conductivity.

Shape memory polymers: Properties & applications

High performance polymers: Polymer concrete, Ultra high modulus fibers, polymer binders for propellants, Polymer explosives

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