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  • 10:16 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code CHM875
Subject Title Smart and Intelligent Materials


Smart materials and structures- piezoelectric materials, peizoceramics, piezopolymers; Shape memory materials- one way and two ways SME, Training of SMAs, Functional properties of SMAs; Chromogenic materials- principles and design strategies; Smart polymers- temperature responsive and light responsive polymers, Molecular imprinting using smart polymers, Smart hydrogels, Fast responsive hydrogels, Applications; Smart systems for space applications- smart corrosion protection coatings, Self-healing materials, Sensors, Actuators, Deployment devices


Detailed version

Smart materials and structures: System intelligence- components and classification of smart structures, common smart materials and associated stimulus-response, Application areas of smart systems

Ferroelectric materials: Piezoelectric materials- piezoelectric effect, Direct and converse, parameter definitions, Piezoceramics, Piezopolymers, Piezoelectric materials as sensors, Actuators and bimorphs

Shape memory materials: Shape memory alloys (SMAs), Shape memory effect, Martensitic transformation, One way and two-way SME, training of SMAs, binary and ternary alloy systems, Functional properties of SMAs

Chromogenic materials: Thermochromism, Photochromism, Electrochromism, Halochromism, Solvatochromism- principle and design strategies

Smart polymers: Thermally responsive polymers, Electroactive polymers microgels, Synthesis, Properties and Applications, Protein-based smart polymers, pH-responsive and photo-responsive polymers, Self-assembly, Molecular imprinting using smart polymers, Approaches to molecular imprinting, Drug delivery using smart polymers 

Smart hydrogels: Synthesis, Fast responsive hydrogels, Molecular recognition, Smart hydrogels as actuators, Controlled drug release, Artificial muscles, Hydrogels in microfluidics

Smart systems for space applications: Elastic memory composites, Smart corrosion protection coatings, Self-healing materials, Sensors, Actuators, Transducers, MEMS, Deployment devices, Molecular machines

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