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  • 9:39 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code CHM871
Subject Title Electronic, Photonic and Magnetic Materials


Basics- electronic, magnetic and optical properties in metals, semiconductors, ceramics and polymers; Electronic properties- dielectric properties, Concept of doping- high, very high and ultra-high frequency fields; Organic semiconductors, p-conjugated polymers; Magnetic domains- magnetic materials, thin films, nanoparticles, magnetoresistive materials, magnetic recording, magnetic polymers; Optical properties- optics-ray, electromagnetic, guided wave optics; Physics of light-matter interactions, Photoactive and photorefractive polymers; Radiation sensitive resisters, Second order nonlinear optical properties; Applications, Electro active, Conductivity, Electronic applications, Diodes, Transistors, Photodetector, Solar cells, Displays, Lasers, Optical fibers, Photonic devices, Magnetic data storage and spintronics


Detailed version

Basics of electronics, magnetic and optical properties of materials- Origin of these properties in metals, semiconductors, ceramics and polymers; Electronic properties- basics, study of conductivity, dielectric properties, etc. in materials; Concept of doping- Charge carriers, Dielectric properties of materials in the high, very high and ultra high frequency fields; Organic semiconductors, Inorganic semiconductors; Basic structural characteristics and properties of p-conjugated polymers-Important p-conjugated polymers, Electrical conductivity, Photoconductivity, Charge storage capacity, Photoluminescence, Electroluminescence 

Magnets: Magneto statics, Origin of magnetism in materials, Magnetic domains and domain walls, Magnetic anisotropy, Reversible and irreversible magnetization processes; Hard and soft magnetic materials and magnetic recording; Amorphous and nanocrystalline magnetic materials; Magnetic properties of thin films, Nanoparticles- amorphous and nanocrystalline magnetic materials, Magnetoresistive materials; Magnetically active polymers- Ferromagnetism in polymers, Iron, nickel, cobalt, Ruthenium, Osmium containing magnetic polymers, Magnetic polymers with conductivity

Optical properties of semiconductors, Dielectrics and polymers; Ray optics, Electromagnetic optics and guided wave optics; Physics of light-matter interactions; LEDs, Lasers, Photodetectors, Modulators, Optical filters, and photonic crystals; Photoactive polymers- Radiation sensitive resisters, Optical properties of s- and p-conjugated polymers, Relaxation process in organic polymer systems, Light emission in polymers, Polymeric materials for nonlinear optical properties- photorefractive polymers, polymers with high two photon activities, Device design pronciples: LEDs, lasers, photo-detectors, etc.

Electro active applications: Conductivity applications, Electronic applications- EMI shielding, Frequency selective surfaces, Satellite communication links; Applications include diodes, Transistors, Photodetectors, Solar cells (photovoltaics), Displays, Lasers, Optical fibers and optical communications, Photonic devices, Magnetic data storage and Spintronics; Applications of polymers to electroluminescence, Light emitting diodes, Optical switches, Optical fiber applications

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