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  • 12:13 AM, Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code AV111
Subject Title Basic Electrical Engineering


INTRODUCTION:Introduction to Electrical Engineering – Review of Fundamental laws of Electricity. Basic elements in electrical circuits – Passive elements: Behavior of Resistor, Inductor and capacitor. Active elements: Characteristics of Voltage source and current source – Independent and dependent sources.

DC CIRCUIT ANALYSIS: Steady state analyses of DC circuits having independent and dependant sources - Kirchhoff’s voltage law– Mesh Analysis – concept of super-mesh. Kirchhoff’s current law – Nodal analysis – concept of super-node. Network Theorems : Thevenin’s theorem, Norton’s theorem, Superposition theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem - Transients in DC circuits.

AC CIRCUIT ANALYSIS: Introduction to Alternating Current – Basic concepts of AC circuits – RMS value and average value – Behavior of resistor, capacitor and inductor in AC circuits – concepts of reactance and impedance - Sinusoidal steady state analysis of AC circuits – Phasor analysis - Power in AC circuits – Power factor - Resonance in AC circuits

Three-phase systems – Basic concepts of balanced three-phase systems-Star and Delta connections – Power in three-phase systems.

ELECTRICAL MACHINES: Basic concepts of magnetic circuits – coupled circuits. Transformers: Principle of operation –Transformer on load – Phasor diagram - Equivalent circuit of Transformer – Tests on Transformer – Regulation and efficiency – Autotransformer

Rotating electrical machines – Classification, principle of operation, constructional features and characteristics of different types of DC machines and AC machines.

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