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  • 3:14 PM, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Course Dual Degree (B. Tech + Master of Science / Master of Technology)
Semester Sem. VII
Subject Code ESE411
Subject Title Dynamics of Atmosphere


Concept of fluid, Continum model, Lagrange and Eulerian description of fluid flow, continuity,
momentum and energy equations, boundary layer theory, turbulent flow, Inertial
and Non Inertial frames; Fundamental Forces - Pressure Gradient Forces, Gravitational Force,
Friction or Viscous Force, Apparent forces -Centrifugal Force, Coriolis force, Rossby number,
Effective Gravity; Hydrostatic balance, Momentum Equations-Cartesian Coordinate System,
Spherical – Polar coordinate system. Scale analysis of momentum equations. Balanced motion -
Geotropic Wind, Gradient Wind, Inertial flow, Cyclostropic flow, Thermal wind, Continuity
equation – Horizontal divergence, Vertical motion. Isobaric coordinate System -Transformation
of momentum & continuity equations. Circulation & Vorticity – Kelvins circulation theorem,
Bjerknes circulation theorem. Application to Land & Sea breeze.
Vorticity equation. Potential vorticity - Application to Lee of the mountain trough, divergence
equation, linear and non-linear balance equations, scale analysis of vorticity and divergence
equations for planetary and synoptic scale motions;
Atmospheric waves –sound wave, gravity wave, Rossby wave, Quasi-geostrophic analysis- quasigeostrophic
omega equation,the general circulation- available potential energy,-barotropic
instability, baroclinic instability, tropical dynamics

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