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  • 2:38 PM, Sunday, 26 Sep 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code PH611
Subject Title Optical Engineering Fundamentals


Optical field, interaction between light and matter; basic concept of reflection (specular and diffuse), refraction, transmission, absorption and scattering, speckle and its applications, coherence: temporal and spatial, van Cittert-Zernike theorem and its applications, polarized light, Stokes parameters, Jones and Muller matrices, Interferometer and its extension to polarization domain, diffraction, optical singular fields. Gaussian theory of optical system

Basics of holography: in-line and off-axis holography, refection, white light, rainbow and guided wave holograms, polarization holography, Imaging in the random media, Incoherent imaging techniques, Imaging as an inverse problem. X-ray tomography as an example. Optical coherence tomography, Wavefront recovery from intensity measurements, Phase problem of optics, Diffuse optical tomography. Synthetic aperture radar construction and application. LIDAR, Optical microscopy: Bright field, dark field, phase contrast microscopy, confocal microscopes. Improvement of resolution using near-field optics, Fourier transforms spectroscopy, Fourier fringe analysis technique; Partial polarization, polarimetric imaging.

Text Books

Same as Reference


  1. Aberrations of Optical Systems” W.T.Welford Adam Hilger,1986
  2. ”Principles of Optics” Max born & Emil Wolf -pergaman process
  3. Applied Optics and Optical Design –Robert R.Shannon & F.C.Wyant  Academic process.
  4. “Lens design Fundamentals “ Rudolf  King, Academic Process
  5. “Focal regions propagation, diffraction and focusing of light, sound and water waves” J. Jakob, Taylor & Francis
  6. “Speckle phenomena in optics” J. W. Goodman, Robert & Company 2007
  7. “Polarized light” D. H. Goldstein