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  • 8:37 PM, Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

Course Dual Degree (B. Tech + Master of Science / Master of Technology)
Semester Electives
Subject Code ESE465
Subject Title Air


The significance of Air-Sea Interaction; Atmospheric and Oceanic Interaction at various scales; Concept of Boundary Layer; Atmospheric Heat Budget; Variations of wind, temperature and moisture over the sea surface. Air sea temperature differences; Wind stress and resultant drag coefficient with variation to wind speed; Upper ocean boundary layer. Oceanic heat budget.

Physical interaction between the Ocean and Atmosphere, Radiation - Solar radiation, Longwave radiation; Heat exchange through latent and sensible heat; The Oceanic heat balance; Oceanic forcing by air-sea exchange of moisture and heat - Moisture exchange, Air-Sea Momentum transfer and drag - Charnock’s Law, Sea Surface Roughness, Wind-driven circulation of the Ocean – Ocean Gyres, Ekman flow, Coastal upwelling, upwelling and sinking with special reference to the Indian Ocean, The tropical surface circulation, The Indian Ocean monsoonal circulation, Thermohaline circulation.

Large-scale Air-Sea interaction: Ocean-Atmosphere interaction in the tropics, Genesis and characteristics of ENSO; ENSO and air - sea coupling, Global impact of ENSO, ENSO and the Indian Monsoon.

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