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  • 1:58 PM, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Course Dual Degree (B. Tech + M.S / M.Tech)
Semester Sem. VII
Subject Code PH412
Subject Title Opto Mechanical Design Analysis


Introduction to Kinematic Mount Design (Basics).

Optical and Mechanical Materials: Material properties, Need for mechanical mounts. Stress Transfer Mechanism: Mechanical Design for minimum stress transfer. Design of Mechanical Mounts for Lenses and Mirrors: Gimbal Mount, Closed form solutions. Different categories of Mechanical Mounts, Fine Mechanics design, Linear and nonlinear movements; CAMS.

Fundamentals of theory of Elasticity, Finite Element principles, Analysis & optimization of simple lens and mirrors with mechanical mounts using FEM, Design of LTWT mirrors, FE modeling and analyses of LT WT mirrors, Zero-g and its relevance to space optics, Design approach for zero-g test beds, Modelling and design techniques against vibrational and thermal environment.

The course will be coupled with, Lab tutorial on FE modeling using FE modeling software as part of the main course

Text Books

1. Principles of FEM by Logan

2. Fundamentals of Opto-mechanical Design –Paul Yodder

3. Award book of optical Design – Annes Ahmed

4. SPIE Vol. 1530 .Edited by –Annes Ahmed

5. Integrated Opto-mechanical Analysis by –Victor & Genbung

6. Optical Engineering – by Kingslake –Vol. IV, & Vol. XI

7. Opto-mechanical Systems Design, By Paul R. Yoder, Published by CRC Press, 2006


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