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  • 3:39 PM, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Course Dual Degree (B. Tech + M.S / M.Tech)
Semester Sem. VII
Subject Code PH413
Subject Title Optical Fabrication and Testing


Optical materials: Glasses, IR materials, Optical, mechanical and thermal properties of optical materials,Fabrication of lenses, mirrors and flats: spherical curve generation, polishing and figuring of “CurvedSurfaces” of glass materials, Aspheric surface polishing/figuring, Polishing and figuring of IR materials:Ge, ZnSe and Zns, Advanced computer controlled polishing: Techniques, MRF polishing, Ion polishing,Micro-optics fabrication techniques, Large Mirrors fabrication techniques.

Testing of lens components : Measurement of parameters: focal length, refractive index, dispersion parameters. Surface error measurements by contact techniques, Testing of mirror components,Principles of interferometry contact/non-contact modes, Different interferometric techniques. Testing of lenses and Mirrors, interferometers: Twyman-Green, Fiezeau, Fabry-Perot and phase shifting interferometric techniques, Wavefront error analysis Zernike co-efficients evaluation.

Text Books

1. Fabrication methods for precision Optics” Hank H.Karow Wiley series, 2004

2. Hardware of optical Engineering” Daniel Malacaca –CRC press – B.J.Thompson 2001.

3. Optical Production Technology” Duglas f.Harve 1984(Edition -2) – Sky and Telescope

4. Telescope Optics”, complete manual for smateur AstronomersHarie G.J. Sutten –M. H.M.V. Venorojaj -1988

5. Introduction to optical testing”, Jolegn on – Geary 1993.

6. Optical Shop Testing” Daniel Malacna (Third Edition) 2007

7. Instrumentation analysis for Optical testing (Optical Engineering “ D Malacna Z-Malacna CLC process -1998

8. Reflective Optics “ D-Korpch 1991 –Academic process

9. Reflecting Telescope Optics –I” R.N.Wilson – 2002

10. Reflecting Telescope - Spinger – Vol. II

11. The design and construction of large optical Telescopes” Pierre Bely Springer – 2003 –Academic process


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