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  • 3:53 PM, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Course Dual Degree (B. Tech + M.S / M.Tech)
Semester Sem. VIII
Subject Code PH422
Subject Title Adaptive Optics


Atmospheric turbulence – source of turbulence: free atmosphere, mirror seeing, dome seeing, boundary layer. Role of Kelvin-Helmoltz instability. Kolmogorov model of turbulance. Outer scale and inner scale,Reynolds number.

Optical effects of turbulence– derivation of: structure functions, covariance function, spatial coherence function, optical transfer function, effect of turbulence on spatial coherence function, effect of spatial coherence function on telescope resolution, derivation of fried parameter, isoplanatic angle, isokinetic angle, greewood frequency, angle of arrival fluctuations and tip-tilt.

Adaptive Optical systems : phase conjugation, conventional and unconventional adaptive optics, wavefront sampling, Wave front Sensing: Active and Adaptive Optics– Interferometeric techniques for wave front sensing, Hartmann, wavefront sensors. Indirect wave front sensing methods.

Wavefront correction: Test correction, multi-channel correction, segmented mirrors (MMDM) (SDM).Deformation mirrors, Bi-morphic corrections, membrane mirrors, Actuator deformable mirrors, Recent advances in deformable mirrors, Active optics: Large correcting optics, segmented mirrors.

Control systems – Principles of feedback control, implementation aspects to AO applications.

Implementation aspects – ground based system (Keck telescope) and space based system (James Webbtelescope), AO systems for future next generation astronomical telescopes.

Text Books

1. Principles of Adaptive Optics, Robert K Tyson, Second Edition, Academic Press

2. Selected papers of adaptive optics for atmospheric compensation by James E Pearson– SPIE proceedings-92 1994

3. Adaptive optics for Astronomical telescope by John W. Hardy (Oxford University press, 1998)

4. Introduction to Adaptive Optics by Robert K Tyson, technical tutorial 41 (SPIE press 2000)

5. Adaptive Optics in astronomy by Francois Roddier (Cambridge University Press 1999)

6. Field guide to Adaptive Optics by Robert K Tyson and Benjamin W Frazier, SPIE press.


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