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  • 2:07 PM, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Course Dual Degree (B. Tech + M.S / M.Tech)
Semester Electives
Subject Code PH462
Subject Title Optical and Electro


Sensor Overview: Photometry and Radiometry, Radiation Sources and characteristics. Detectors-Imaging and non imaging [Thermal detectors , Photon detectors, Detector arrays : CCDs, CID, FLIR etc.] and their characteristics.

Sensor optics, Sensor instrumentation, Signal processing techniques Space craft sensors: Optical Attitude Sensors: Fiber Optic gyros [with integrated optics], Ring Laser Gyros,Star sensors – Spacecraft attitude determination and control. Line of Sight Sensors – IR Earth sensor, Sun Sensors, Star Sensor &Trackers. Sensors/System for Space craft precision Pointing and navigation. Imaging sensors: Remote sensing sensors for Earth observation, Cartography Hyper spectral Sensors.

Modeling, design, analysis, calibration and Performance evaluation of the above. System Integration and Testing. Optical, Integrated and Fiber optic sensors: Acceleration, Displacement and Velocity sensors [anemometer], Position – linear and Angle encoders, temperature , strain etc Fiber optics based smart sensors for Space applications : MOEM Sensors, Large optical Systems for space born camera applications.: Design, Fabrication and Testing.

Text Books

1. Fundamentals of Space Systems by Vincent L. Pisacane, Oxford University Press, 2005

2. Spacecraft dynamics and Control: A practical Engineering approach- Marcel J.Sidi, Contributor Michael J.Rycroft, Wei Shyy, Cambridge University Press, 2000

3. Spacecraft Attitude determination and Control by Computer Sciences, Corporation Attitude Systems operation, James Richrad Wertz, Springer, 1978

4. Scientific Charge Coupled devices, James R.Janesick, SPIE Press

5. Laser Gyros and Fiber optic Gyros: Proceedings London Royal Aeronautical Society 1987

6. Fiber optic sensor-based smart materials and structures- By Claus, Richard O,Knowles, G J Bristol, Institute of Physics Publishing, 1992

7. Fiber optic gyroscope- By Lefevre, Herve,Boston ,Arcteh House, 1993

8. Laser Inertial Rotation Sensors-proceedings- By Ezekiel, Shaoul, Knausenberger, G E Washington, Proceedings of SPIE. v157, 1978

9. Handbook of fiber optics : Theory and applications, Yeh, Chai, Academic Press, Inc., 1990


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