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  • 2:24 PM, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Course Dual Degree (B. Tech + M.S / M.Tech)
Semester Electives
Subject Code PH468
Subject Title MEMS and MOEMS


Introduction : Fourier Optics, Holography, Optical thin films and periodical structures Bragg gratings, photonic crystals, Gaussian beam propagation, ultra fast lasers, Fundamentals of Nonlinear Optics, Quantum optics.

MEMS: Introduction & applications, Substrates: Quartz, Ceramics, and Polymers.

Smart materials and their properties. Thin films in the context of smart materials, nano, & micro- technologies. Lithography: Fundamentals. Materials such as photoresist used in lithography. Techniques such as using optical, electron beam,focused ion,x-ray beams. Etching and micro machining. Wet and dry etching, deep reactive ion etching. Packaging and bonding, micro-assembly. Reliability studies in packaging.

MEMS devices for applications such as in aerospace, biomedical and process industries.

MOEMS : MOEM overview, MOEM scanners, MOEM technology and applications to telecom, CMOS compatible MOEMS, optics specific issues for MOEMS, micro-optics, automation and sensing, shape memory actuators, piezoelectric actuators, magnetic actuators, MOEMS related sensors, micro-optic components, testing and applications .

Text Books

1. Nodium Maluf, “An introduction to micromechanical systems engineering”

2. Marc Madou, “Fundamentals of micro fabrication” CRC press (1997).

3. Ristic (Ed) “Sensor Technology & Devices”, Artech House Publications (1994).



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