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  • 3:58 PM, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Course Dual Degree (B. Tech + M.S / M.Tech)
Semester Electives
Subject Code PH469
Subject Title Laser Applications


Laser for detection and ranging- LIDAR applications-Doppler wind LIDAR, Differential Absorption LIDAR for water vapor monitoring. Laser application in material processing – esp. CO2, YAG , Excimer,Ruby lasers-[material processing, Cutting, Welding, drilling, micro machining] – Interation of laser radiation with matter, Heat Flow Theory, Process characteristics etc. Laser anemometry, Schlieren Techniques for wind tunnels, Holography etc Lasers for metrology – Interferometery for surface characterization, precision length measurement, time standards etc, Medical applications of laser.

Lasers for space applications – free space communication, laser propulsion, laser ignition,Optical Rotation sensors and their applications for space navigation: Sagnac Interferometers and their applications for space, Fiber Optic Gyros –Fibers, Guided Wave optics, Sources and detectors for Fiber Optic Sensors, Fiber optic couplers, modulators etc, Closed and open loop Fiber optic gyros – configurations, design and application for space navigation, Fiber optic acceleration sensors. Ring Laser gyros- Laser Resonator Design, Laser Frequency stabilization techniques, Ring resonator – stable and unstable and their application in Ring Laser Gyros, Fabrication and metrology of precision laser optics. Ultra High vacuum [production, measurement] techniques relevant to Gas laser processing. Optical gyros error modeling, error compensation, test methodologies and applications for inertial navigation.

Text Books

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7. Laser gyros and fibre optic gyros : Proceedings, London/Royal aeronautical society/1987.

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11. Fiber-optic gyroscope, Lefevre, Herve, Boston/Arcteh House/1993


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