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  • 5:22 AM, Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. III
Subject Code AV213
Subject Title Network Analysis


Time domain analyses:

Transients in electrical circuits - RL, RC and RLC circuits, DC and AC circuits, switched capacitor circuits, conservation of charge, passive filters, resonance in networks, magnetic circuits and magnetically coupled circuits.

Laplace domain analyses:

Laplace transform basics, initial and final value theorems, properties of Laplace transforms, initial value problems, applications of Laplace transforms for networks solving

Two-port networks, graph theory and network synthesis.

Text Books

1. Van Valkenbarg, M.E., “Network Analysis”, 3rd Ed., Prentice-Hall. 2007

2. Van Valkenbarg, M.E., “Network Synthesis”, 3rd Ed., Prentice-Hall. 2007

3. Kuo, F.F., “ Network Analysis and Synthesis”, 2nd Ed., Wiley India. 2008 


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