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  • 5:04 AM, Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. III
Subject Code AV214
Subject Title Electromagnetic and Wave Propagation


Electromagnetic Theory: Electrostatics‐ Magnetostatics‐ Ampere’s Law‐ Faraday’s law‐Electromagnetic Energy – Boundary Conditions – Maxwell’s Equations – Pointing Vector. Electromagnetic Waves: Wave equation & Uniform Plane waves – Plane waves in lossy and lossless mediums – Normal and oblique incidences of plane waves.

Transmission line theory: LCR model for transmission lines – Analogy with wave equations – characteristics of lossless lines – VSWR, Impedance matching – Smith chart – Case study.

Waveguides: TEM, TE, TM Waves – wave propagation in Rectangular, Circular & Planar wave guides.

Fundamentals of Antenna: Radiation – Hertzian dipole antenna – Gain and Directivity.

Wave Propagation: Modes of propagation, Structure of atmosphere, Ground wave propagation, Tropospheric propagation, Duct propagation, Troposcatter propagation, Flat earth and curved earth concept, Sky wave propagation, Virtual height, Critical frequency, Maximum usable frequency, Skip distance, Fading and multihop propagation.

Text Books

1. William H.Hayt, Engineering Electromagnetics, Tata McGraw Hill 7th edition.


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