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  • 10:23 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code ESE666
Subject Title Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography


History of satellite and radar meteorology; Orbits and navigation, Orbit perturbations, Meteorological satellite orbits, Satellite positioning, tracking, and navigation, Space-time sampling, Launch vehicles and profiles; Elements of radiative transfer - Basic quantities, Blackbody radiation, Radiative transfer equation, Gaseous absorption, Scattering, Solar radiation and surface reflection; Meteorological satellite instrumentation - Operational polar orbiting satellites, Operational geostationary satellites, Other satellite instruments, Satellite data archives; Radar - Radar basics, Conventional weather radar, Radar measurements of rainfall, Comparison with satellite rainfall products, NEXRAD system, Applications to hydrology; Image interpretation; Satellite -Visible infrared and water vapor imagery, Spectral properties, Image enhancement techniques, Geo-location and calibration; Doppler radar Doppler wind measurements, reflectivity, Analysis of Doppler measurements, Atmospheric temperature and water vapor profiles, Winds, Clouds and aerosols, Precipitation; Integrated application topics - Hurricanes, Severe Storms, Agriculture Applications. Introduction to satellite remote sensing of the ocean; Propagation and sensing of EM waves and their interaction and scattering with the ocean's surface; Atmospheric absorption and scattering of microwave; visible and infrared radiation; Celestial mechanics for understanding orbital dynamics and geometric distortions; Brief review of electromagnetic wave theory, antenna patterns and ocean surface processes; Detailed survey of major instruments for measuring oceanographic variables from space; Applications of visible, infrared, and microwave observations using objective, multi-spectral, and characteristic vector analysis; Emphasis on new methodologies, error assessments, sampling considerations and data interpretation

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