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  • 12:38 AM, Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. IV
Subject Code AV222
Subject Title Instrumentation and Measurement


Introduction to measurement and instrumentation, Static characteristics of instruments; Types of Errors, Statistical Error Analysis, Propagation of Errors; Dynamic Characteristics ofInstrumentation Systems, Sensor Reliability; Basic analog measuring instruments (PMMC, electrodynamometer, rectifier) and its use as electronic voltmeter and ammeter. Wattmeter and Energy meters; High Current/Voltage Measurement – C. T., P. T., C. V. T; Null-Based Measurement - D.C. and A.C. potentiometer, Wheatstone bridge circuits, Low and High resistance Measurement, Bridges for measurement of inductance and capacitance, Wagner- Earth connection; Typical Circuits in Measurement - Differential and Instrumentation Amplifier, Filters, Current Sources, Precision Rectifiers, V-to-f converters; Digital Measurement systems: Frequency and time-periodmeters, phase-angle measurement; Digital voltage measurement, DMM, Sample & Hold Circuits, A/D converters and comparative study, D/A circuits; General Instruments – CRO, DSO and Probes, Function Generator,Spectrum analyzers, Data Acquisition Systems; Transducers & Signal Conditioning: Resistive Sensors (Potentiometers, Strain gauges and Load Cell, Torsion Bars, RTD, Thermistor); Inductive transducers (Variable Reluctance sensors, LVDT, Tachogenerator) and Capacitive transducers; Temperature sensors (Thermocouple, Semiconductor), Light Sensing Devices, Piezoelectric sensors, Pressure Sensors

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