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  • 6:02 AM, Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. V
Subject Code AV311
Subject Title Digital Signal Processing


Discrete time signals and systems, Properties of LTI Systems, DTFT, Z-T/F; Minimum phase- All pass decomposition, Generalized linear phase; DFS, Frequency sampling and Time aliasing, DFT, Periodic & Circular convolutions; FFT computations using DIT and DIF algorithms; Infinite Impulse Response Digital Filter design: Impulse invariant and Bilinear transformation approaches, Finite Impulse Response Digital filter design: Windowing and Optimal Equiv.- ripple filter design; Filter structures and realization: Signal flow graph representation, Direct form I & II, Cascade and Parallel forms, Finite Word length effect; Introduction to Multirate Signal Processing: Fractional sampling rate conversion, Poly-phase decomposition; Importance of Short-time Fourier transform; Introduction to programmable DSPs‐Architecture of TMS 320C5X.

Text Books

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