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  • 5:37 AM, Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. V
Subject Code AV312
Subject Title Computer Architecture and Organization


Introduction to computer organization: Structure and function of a computer ‐ Processing unit: Characteristics of CISC and RISC processors ‐ Performance of a processing unit. Memory subsystem : Memory hierarchy ‐ Main memory unit ‐ Internal organization of a memory chip ‐ Organization of a main memory unit ‐ Error correction memories ‐ Interleaved memory units ‐ Cache memory unit ‐ Concept of cache memory ‐ Mapping functions ‐ organization of a cache memory unit ‐ Fetch and Write mechanisms ‐ Memory management unit ‐ Concept of virtual memory ‐ Address translation ‐ hardware support for memory management. Input / Output subsystem: Access of I/O devices ‐ I/O ports. ‐ I/O control mechanisms ‐ Program controlled I/O ‐ Interrupt controlled I/O ‐ DMA controlled I/O ‐ I/O interfaces ‐ System buses ‐ peripherals ‐Terminals ‐ Video displays ‐ Magnetic storage disks ‐ magnetic tapes ‐ CD ROMs. High‐Performance processors: Instruction pipe lining ‐ Pipe line ‐ Hazards ‐ Super scalar processors ‐Performance considerations. Multi processor systems: Shared memory systems ‐ Interconnection networks ‐ Caches in multi processor systems.

Text Books

1. Tanenbaum A.S., Structured computer organization, 4th edition, PHI, 1999.

2. Hayes, J.P, Computer architecture and Organisation, McGraw Hill, 1998.