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  • 12:18 PM, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code AVP614
Subject Title Control of DC Drives and Special Mechanics


Introduction: Electro-mechanical energy conversion, classification of electric drives, requirements of electric drives, two quadrant and four quadrant operations, Modeling of electrical machines. Selection of motors for different applications, estimation of torque requirements for sinusoidal and trapezoidal profiles, load locus analysis.

DC Motor Drives: Basic principles, different types of DC Drives, Dynamic models, speed-torque characteristics, different control schemeslike torque control, closed loop speed and position control schemes, advantages, disadvantages and stability analysis, Phase controlled converter fed DC drives, active front end converters, DC-DC Converter fed drives,Digital implementation of control loops, velocity control, current control and sampling requirements and stability.

Control of special electric motors: Control of Brush-less DC Motor: different commutation schemes, advantages, Switched Reluctance Motor and Stepper Motor, Control of synchronous reluctance motor.

Text Books

Same as Reference


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