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  • 10:39 PM, Sunday, 20 Sep 2020

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code AVC613
Subject Title Digital Control and Embedded Systems


Introduction, Overview of design approaches, continuous versus digital control, Sampling theorem, ZOH, effect of sampling rate, Calculus of difference equations, z-transform, Frequency domain analysis, Signal flow graphs. State space approach: Controllability, Observability, Discretization of continuous transfer functions; Digital filter properties. Controller design using transformation techniques: z-plane specifications. Design in the w, w' domain. PID controller, deadbeat controller. State space methods: Pole placement design, stabilization and all stabilizing controllers, Different types of A to D converters, Quantization effects: limit cycles and dither.

The concept of embedded systems design, Embedded microcontroller cores, embedded memories, Examples of embedded systems, Technological aspects of embedded systems: interfacing between analog and digital blocks, signal conditioning, digital signal processing, sub-system interfacing, interfacing with external systems, user interfacing, interrupt and polled mode of operation, Software aspects of embedded systems: real time programming languages and operating systems for embedded systems.

A brief introduction to cyber physical systems, DSP processors and pulse width modulation.

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