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  • 6:39 AM, Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. V
Subject Code AV332
Subject Title Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab


1. Programming with 8086 – 8‐bit / 16‐bit multiplication/division using repeated addition/subtraction.

2. Programming with 8086 ‐ code conversion, decimal arithmetic, bit manipulations.

3. Programming with 8086 ‐ matrix multiplication, floating point operations

4. Programming with 8086 – String manipulation, search, find and replace, copy operations, sorting. (PC Required)

5. Experiment based on Interfacing and control application

6. PIC/ATmel Microcontroller based experiments – Simple assembly language programs (cross assembler required).

7. PIC/ATmel Microcontroller based experiments – Simple control applications (cross assembler required).

Text Books